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`Download Pdf ↡ The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy - Primer Edition ↯ Osteoarthritis Is A Joint Problem But The Common Non Surgical Approach For Knee Pain From Osteoarthritis Targets Muscle Strength.Why Target Muscle When The Problem Is The Joint To Strengthen Your Leg Muscles, You Have To Exercise Hard Enough To Feel The Muscles Tiring Out Or Fatiguing It S Usually Something Like 3 Sets Of 10 15 Repetitions Of The Exercise.As You Push The Muscles To Fatigue, Your Knee Starts To Ache Or It Swells Or Just Generally Feels Bad Maybe That Happens Right Away Or Maybe It Shows Up A Day Or Two Later.Either Way, You Don T Make Much Progress If You Don T Push The Muscles, Then They Just Don T Get Any Stronger If Your Muscles Don T Get Stronger, They Can T Help Protect The Joint But The Force Required To Fatigue The Muscles Is Greater Than What Your Knee Joint Can Withstand.In The 90 Day Knee Arthritis Remedy Primer Edition, You Ll Learn About The Concept Of Mechanobiology How Mechanical Forces Generated Within Or Imposed Upon Living Tissues Affect The Physiology And Structure Of That Tissue.Although Many In The Medical World Believe You Can T Do Anything About A Weak Or Injured Joint, I Debunk This Thinking In My Book In Detail.It S Not Just My Opinion.It S From A Large Number Of Scientific Studies That Support The Idea That Joints Respond To Mechanical Force And It S How The Force Is Applied And Used That Makes The Difference.You Ll Learn The Principles That Govern The Body S Natural Healing Ability, How Movement And Exercise Influence Strengthening Of The Joint And The Steps Needed To Build A Stronger, Healthier Knee.You Ll Also Learn About The Body S Natural Suspension System , What Type Of Exercise Is Best For Injured Or Weak Joint Cartilage, How To Improve Joint Health Without Exercise, The Five Joint Strengthening Laws And A Lot.