FREE ☦ Lifting the Fire Hydrant ♴

FREE ♩ Lifting the Fire Hydrant ☦ Lifting The Hydrant Lid Follows A Young, Idealistic Raw Recruit As They Negotiate Training School And Settle Into Life On A Watch With Incidents And Routine Tasks Woven Into The Fabric Of The Story, It Charts A Journey Into The Male Dominated Heart Of The British Fire And Rescue Service And Describes The Pressure Of Life And Death Scenarios, The Emotional Turmoil, The Variety Of Incidents Attended And The Unpredictable Nature Of The Job The Book Utilises The Rare Perspective Of A Female Firefighter And Examines The Intricate Difficulties Experienced By Minority Groups It Challenges Preconceptions And Gives A Voice To A Profession That Is Seldom Heard, Rarely Seen And Never Wanted Firefighters Are Indispensable In Times Of Need, But As Long As Tragedies And Disasters Remain Unforeseen, Firefighters Will Never Be At The Vanguard Of Anyone S Thoughts Lifting The Hydrant Lid Highlights The Reality Of Life As A Firefighter And Will Appeal To Anyone Interested In The Fire Service Or The Actuality Of Life In A Male Dominated Environment It Is Uniquely Positioned To Provide A Truthful First Hand Account And It Provides A Platform For Discussion As To The True Extent Of Equal Opportunity.