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`Ebook ⇸ Which One Doesnt Belong? ↟ Talking Math With Your Child Is Simple And Even Entertaining With This Better Approach To Shapes Written By A Celebrated Math Educator, This Innovative Inquiry Encourages Critical Thinking And Sparks Memorable Mathematical Conversations Children And Their Parents Answer The Same Question About Each Set Of Four Shapes Which One Doesn T Belong There Is No One Right Answer The Important Thing Is To Have A Reason Why Kids Might Describe The Shapes As Squished Smooshed, Dented, Or Even Goofy But When They Justify Their Thinking, They Re Talking Math Winner Of The Mathical Book Prize For Books That Inspire Children To See Math All Around Them

10 thoughts on “Which One Doesnt Belong?

  1. Beth Beth says:

    You know how standardized tests project that there is only one answer on a multiple choice question even if than one of the choices seem plausible Yeah, well this book spits in the face of that and I love it.

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    Math should be playful Divergent thinking is a skill that crosses disciplines, and this book is a great introduction There are four shapes that share both commonalities and differences, and readers are encouraged to explain their thinking, regardless of the one they select Bravo, Christopher Disclaimer The author is one of my mathematical heroes.

  3. Bethe Bethe says:

    Bookaday 19 Love the open endedness of this book, asking the reader to pick the one that doesn t belong, and then to justify the answer The author note at the end honors all sorts of math vocabulary including smooshed, dented, curvy, and cupcake Can t wait to use this with PreK and their shapes unit, or even older students talking sides, angles, and other properties.

  4. K C K C says:

    I thought I would never have a favorite children s nonfiction book I lied I don t even like math but iIreally love this book It encourages kids to expand on the notions of what adults might think to be obvious and shows the reader how all ideas are important and valued It also just lets kids get really creative and helps them verbalize their reasoning.

  5. Aliza Werner Aliza Werner says:

    This is a perfect book for kids learning geometry Each page presents 4 shapes and asks which one doesn t belong The best part is you can make a case for any of the shapes based on different features sides, edges, size, etc This lets kids really think about and play with mathematical ideas I would definitely use this with my 3rd graders.

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    Do NOT read this book if you are a Type A, perfectionist, who needs to have a clear cut, precise, CORRECT, answer to every problem in life, and you need to SOLVE things This will drive you NUTS.Math Schmath I m just saying.

  7. Tracie Tracie says:

    Asks readers to support their answers for which shape doesn t belong.

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    A great way to get people thinking about similarities and differences.

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    Fantastic book to prompt discussion on the ideas of different and same.

  10. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Interesting concept I can see this working well with 1st or 2nd graders I m not sure my preschooler would get ithe still likes one clear cut answer.