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This is a highly accomplished debut collection of short stories There are ten stories in the book, which starts and ends with two of the three linked ones that give the book its title, which form an episodic life story of Eva, born in Sweden and orphaned young, a traveller who marries the English narrator of the final part, a novella which relates the story of her failed marriage and descent into alcoholism and mental illness and explores the effect on her daughter.Many of the other stories are equally impressive, often focusing on small moments of great significance in ordinary lives As a walker I particularly liked The Crossing, a story of a mismatc [[ READ KINDLE ]] ⇨ Mothers ⇰ An Extraordinary The Sunday Times Debut Of Unnerving Beauty, Chris Power S Short Story Collection Mothers Evokes The Magic And Despair Of The Essential Human Longing For Purpose.Chris Power S Stories Are Peopled By Men And Women Who Find Themselves At Crossroads Or Dead Ends Characters Who Search Without Knowing What They Seek Their Paths Lead Them To Thresholds, Bridges, Rivers, And Sites Of Mysterious, Irresistible Connection To The Past A Woman Uses Her Mother S Old Travel Guide, Aged Years Beyond Relevance, To Navigate On A Journey To Nowhere A Stand Up Comic With Writer S Block Performs A Fateful Gig At A Cocaine Fueled Bachelor Party On Holiday In Greece, A Father Must Confront The Limits To Which He Can Keep His Daughters Safe Braided Throughout Is The Story Of Eva, A Daughter, Wife, And Mother, Whose Search For A Self And Place Of Belonging Tracks A Devastating Path Through Generations.Ranging From Remote English Moors To An Ancient Swedish Burial Ground To A Hedonistic Mexican Wedding, The Stories In Mothers Lay Bare The Emotional And Psychic Damage Of Life, Love, And Abandonment Suffused With Yearning, Power S Transcendent Prose Expresses A Profound Ache For Vanished Pasts And Uncertain Futures. I read this book during a work trip in a fug of anxiety, so I couldn t remember as much as I d have liked about it and had to skim back over the stories to remind myself of their plots and themes The sentences I highlighted on first read are all about atmosphere or weather, describing air that s greasy with the coming storm or feels like a substance it gathered itself in buzzing shapes, but what strikes me when revisiting them is Power s skill in evoking vulnerability and uncertainty, the numb traces of old trauma, the inherent difficulty in telling stories about one s own life The collection also has an international flavour many of the stories are about travel, or at least feature travel, and capture the difficulty of communicating across the barriers created by different languages and cultures.Among my favourites were Above the Wedding , in which Liam must endure Miguel and Nuria s wedding while hiding confused emotions about his clandestine affair with Miguel a few years earlier The emotional intensity of Call Me by Your Name combined with the honesty and sharp imagery of Leaving the Atocha Station The Hav ng Dolmen A superb travel narrative, a gripping portrait of solitude and uneasiness, and also a quiet sort of horror story Begins with an irresistible sent Mothers is an incredibly cohesive collection of stories which focus on loneliness and remembrance, often concerned with characters who find themselves in circumstances that so deeply envelope them that they cannot escape the consequences of their actions or the actions of those around them.There is much reflection on past events a sour love affair, a traumatic childhood event, a mother s early and unexpected death These memories of the past seamlessly weave themselves into the crumbling substance of the present, which is unbearable for many of the characters living it Chris Power revels in his details, in picturesque, lush settings from Mexico, to Greec I know people use the word REFRESHING a lot when talking about books, but this really does feel like a long awaited fresh breath in the literary world of short fiction.AWAKENING AND UPLIFTING There s so much sincerity and truth in each of these stories, and they re NOT all about mothers necessarily At first, I d expected some sort of netmoms split into 2000 word limits, but it s nothing like it.These stories are adventurous, heartfelt and so SO lovable They will kick your lack of inspiration or writer s block in the ass They will make you wanna start your life anew One brilliant story The Crossing , some good ones Mothers 2 3 and some average ones although all really well written, so on balance three stars seemed fair. My cup of tea Stories of disconnect, of trying but failing to find a way forward, superbly written and sharp as knives, yet mapping out a troubled, indistinct territory depression, an inability to protect loved ones, an inability to love There are three connected stories Mothers 1 3 following a woman s life from childhood and her relationship with her mother to becoming a mother herself, and running away from the task There is much dodging of responsibility, or attempted escapes from life s irritations and commitments people here are unable to cope, although they try, they search around the world, the stories are set in UK, Sweden, US, France, Mexico etc but don t quite find Some are absurdly hilarious like the one in which a comedian does a tribute show at a bachelor s party in America, some are creepily sinister the new ish couple who are walking in Exmoor which has an unexpected end , all stay with you and turn over Kind of a weird read When it was good, it was good, but when it was bad, it was really, really bad There was a little something missing even from the good stories, some sort of disconnection between me and the writer I m really not sure what it was Granted, the subject matter of isolation, wandering with no destination, and growing uneasiness is uncomfortable by default, but this was too uncomfortable for me, if that makes any sense.I liked The Crossing , The Hav ng Dolmen , Portals , and Johnny Kingdom the most The centra This is a very strong collection of short stories, and a collection which works beautifully as a coherent whole The European setting for the stories did remind me of David Szalay s All That Man Is, and that was a collection that qualified for the 2016 Booker shortlist, on the basis of the linkage of the stories Stockholm, Greece, Spain, Paris all feature in Mothers.The structure of the book has been carefully thought out and crafted Summer 1976, Innsbruck and Eva are first, last and middle of the collection Eva is the mother of the book title and her story, full of gaps is given a clever literary equivalent with the gaps between the three instalments of her life The final story, Eva, is a tragic one, and continues a theme throughout the stories of sad reflection on past times, of loss, of the solitary and lonely nature of life for some people.Married couples are given the treatment too Marital bliss, hardly marital discord, the fault lines that emerge between couples Childhood isn t all a bed of roses, either.I read the collection in advance of hearing Chris Power and Sarah Hall Madame Zero This is one of the many books I picked up at the Faber Spring Party I ended up reading the first three stories and skimming the remainder of the book Of the 10 stories, the first, a middle one, and the last are about Eva, so this is in part a linked collection In Mother 1 Summer 1976, Eva is a child in the Stockholm suburbs in that legendarily hot summer, living with her mother and a stepfather figure, and makes a false accusation against a neighbor boy based on a misunderstanding I enjoyed the faint echoes of Ian McEwan Atonement and Maggie O Farrell Instructions for a Heatwave My other favorite was The Crossing, in which Ann and Jim, a fairly new couple, are on a hiking holiday and keep disagreeing about the risks they re comfortable with taking There s a great shock ending to this one, which is always nice, especially in comparison to the close of Above the Wedding the inconclusive, nothing y sort of ending that always frustrates me in a short story.In the latter story two brothers travel to Mexico to attend a friend s wedding, complicated by the fact that the one brother has previously hooked up with the groom I was reminded a bit of Seven Days of Us and The Heart s Invisible Furies Some of the recurring themes in the other stories are travel with childhood holid