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!READ EBOOK ♃ Mr. Straight Arrow ⚆ A Monumental Reevaluation Of The Career Of John Hersey, The Author Of HiroshimaFew Are The Books With As Immediate An Impact And As Enduring A Legacy As John Hersey S Hiroshima First Published As An Entire Issue Of The New Yorker In 1946, It Was Serialized In Newspapers The World Over And Has Never Gone Out Of Print By Conveying Plainly The Experiences Of Six Survivors Of The 1945 Atomic Bombing And Its Aftermath, Hersey Brought To Light The Magnitude Of Nuclear War And In His Adoption Of Novelistic Techniques, He Prefigured The Conventions Of New Journalism But How Did Hersey Who Was Not Japanese, Not An Eyewitness, Not A Scientist Come To Be The First Person To Communicate The Experience To A Global Audience In Mr Straight Arrow, Jeremy Treglown Answers That Question And Shows ThatHiroshima Was Not An Aberration But Was Emblematic Of The Author S Lifework By The Time Of Hiroshima S Publication, Hersey Was Already A Famed War Writer And Had Won A Pulitzer Prize For Fiction He Continued To Publish Journalism Of Immediate And Pressing Moral Concern His Reporting From The Freedom Summer And His Expos S Of The Detroit Riots Resonate All Too Loudly Today But His Obsessive Doubts Over The Value Of His Work Never Ceased Mr Straight Arrow Is An Intimate, Exacting Study Of The Achievements And Contradictions Of Hersey S Career, Which Reveals The Powers Of A Writer Tirelessly Committed To Truth And Social Change.

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  1. Harriet Smith Harriet Smith says:

    A thoroughly researched biography of John Hersey, author of many books The one that I have read is his classic Hiroshima In this biography, Mr Straight Arrow, I learned how he became the person he was and how diffe...

  2. Mary Miller Mary Miller says:

    Having read Hiroshima in high school, I enjoyed learning about the author John Hersey I thought it also gave interesting insights on journalistic writing and non fiction Beyond being a Pulitzer Prize winning author, he was involved in many social justice issues during the sixties working in Missis...

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