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[Free Epub] ♚ Isaac Orobio ♖ The Series Studies And Texts In Scepticism Contains Monographs, Translations, And Collected Essays Exploring Scepticism In Its Dual Manifestation As A Purely Philosophical Tradition And As A Set Of Sceptical Strategies, Concepts, And Attitudes In The Cultural Field Especially In Religions, Perhaps Most Notably In Judaism In Such Cultural Contexts Scepticism Manifests As A Critical Attitude Towards Different Dimensions And Systems Of Secular Or Revealed Knowledge And Towards Religious And Political Authorities It Is Not Merely An Intellectual Or Theoretical Worldview, But A Critical Form Of Life That Expresses Itself In Such Diverse Phenomena As Religion, Literature, And SocietyFurther Book Series Of The Maimonides Centre For Advanced Studies Are Jewish Thought, Philosophy, And Religion And The Yearbook Of The Maimonides Centre For Advances Studies