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[ FREE PDF ] ♿ A History of the Encyclopaedia of Islam ⚑ A History Of The Encyclopaedia Of Islam Is The Back Story Of The Decisions That Shaped The Preeminent Reference Work In The Field Of Islamic Studies And Of The Labor That Went Into It, A Story That Has Not Yet Been Told It Is A Record Of A Monumental, Century Long Project, Undertaken By The Greatest Scholars Of Its Time Of Friendships And Rivalries And Of The Extraordinary Circumstances In Which It Took Shape As A Product Of And A Contribution To A Century S Evolving View Of Islamic History, Civilization, And Religion, This History Sheds Light Onto The World Of Academia, Of The Individual Scholars Who Contributed To The Encyclopedia S Success, And Of A Time Europe Before And After Two World Wars And An Age Of Publishing That Dramatically Changed In Its Lifetime.