BOOK ⚕ Microbiological Organic Chemistry ⚔

BOOK ⚉ Microbiological Organic Chemistry ♿ This Book Discusses The Past Several Decades Advances In Microbiological Oxidoreductive Steroid Chemistry, Giving A Convenient Reference And Resource For Synthetic Steroid Chemists And Microbiologists Working In The Area Of Steroid Biotransformations The Author Highlights The Significant Advances That Have Been Made To A Powerful Technology For The Construction Of Steroids An Introductory Chapter Reviews The Significance Of Microbiological Steroid Chemistry, Giving Examples Of How Steroid Biotransformation Steps Have Been Integrated Into Drug Product Syntheses The Next Chapter Is Dedicated To Advances In Genetically Modified Microorganisms, Bacteria And Fungi, Capable Of Steroid Oxidation And Reduction Followed By Another Detailing The Use Of Microbiological Steroid Chemistry To Synthesize And Study Steroid Drug Metabolites Lastly, The Book Details Numerous Examples Of Steroid Biotransformations Cataloging Site Specific Microbiological Steroid Oxidations And Reductions Using Either Naturally Occurring, Or Genetically Modified Microorganisms.