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!E-PUB ⚔ Green Building Energy Simulation and Modeling ♏ Green Building Energy Simulation And Modeling Presents Essential Insights Into Concepts And Applications Of Building Energy Physics The Authors Provide A Brief, But Rigorous, Explanation Of Various Modeling Methods For Building Energy Systems, Order Reduction Techniques, And Building Energy Simulation Platforms BESPs That Is Followed By BES Model Validation Techniques, Testing And Evaluation The Book Provides Designers With The Tools And Methods They Need To Validate Building Energy Systems And Seize Every Opportunity To Achieve Greater Energy Savings And Higher Rating Scores.Provides Green Building Computer CodePresents Tactics On How To Use Energy Studies And Simulation To Make Informed Design DecisionsHelps Readers Understand How And When To Apply The Different Types Of Energy Simulation At The Appropriate Design StageEvaluates Passive And Active Strategies For Limiting Energy Consumption And Producing Energy Onsite