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[Ebook] ♡ Restoring the Bioelectrical Machine ♓ The Human Body Is Composed Of Physical Matter It Possesses Characteristics Common To All Matter That Is Extension In Space And The Capacity For Movement If It Is Matter Then The Laws Of Physics Must Also Apply To Its Functioning Human Mobility Is Governed By Electro Mechanical Laws As Complex As They May Be, They Are The Same Laws That Regulate The Universe This Is Evidence We Can Restore The Decaying Human Organism At The Level Of Discrete Matter And Its Energizing By Heat Waves Emitted By The Brain Once We Understanding This Phenomenon, We Will Be Amazed At How Simple We Can Restore Ourselves To Good Health And Longevity Medical Researchers Are Waiting For The Cure To Come From Biology Laboratories And The Promise Of Stem Cells, But The Cure Is In The Brain Itself