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!Download Book ☨ The Vanished Wife ♞ Kathy Stobaugh Was Humming When She Left Her House The Evening Of December Headed For The Farm Of Her Estranged Husband, Charles Stobaugh He Was Finally Going To Talk About The Divorce, She Thought Kathy Was Never Seen Or Heard From Again Charles Said He Last Saw Her Headlights Heading Down The Driveway After Telling Him She Was Leaving For Good He Told Their Children She Had Gone Off On A Me Trip, And Not To Woory About Her He Didn T Tell Anyone Else She Was Missing It Took Five Days For Daughter Charee To Report Her Disappearance It Took Six Years For A Murder Case Against Charles To Reach Indictment It Took Two Years For The Second Court Of Criminals To Decide That The Jury That Convicted Him Of Kathy S Murder Did Not Have Enough Evidence To Have Made That Decision, And To Order His Release This Is The True Story Of The Kathy Munday Stobaugh Case One That Should Be Told

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  1. Carol L. Tanner Carol L. Tanner says:

    Travesty of JusticeThis was one of Donna Fielder s best books in my opinion, and even though I lived in the area during the time of that disappearance and the other cases mentioned, she included details that I had forgotten I was disappointed to learn the the jury verdict was overturned on appeal, and I regret that trial ripped her family from their loving grandparents and uncles I pray that they will someday reconcile In the end, only one person knows the answer to, Where is Kathy Perhaps someday she, or her remains will be found so the family can have closure

  2. karen karen says:

    A difficult case to reach conclusion ofCharles Stobaugh appeared to be a hard working man of few words, whose skinflint ways caused a rift in his marriage along with his sarcasm towards his wife and occasional physical abuse But did he murder her I can t see anything that would conclusively prove he did No he didn t search for her or make the phone calls as he claimed but how many times have we seen murderers making heartfelt and tearful pleas on TV He had the motive and the timing of Kathy s disappearance was extremely convenient for him However, he didn t put much effort into fabricating an elaborate story surrounding her disappearance did he Very suspicious and a likely suspect but no body and no forensic evidence either Is Charles Stobaugh a murderer or an unfortunate victim Wouldn t take a lie detector test though Wishing the Munday family well though and hope some conclusion to what happened to Kathy eventually comes their way.