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~FREE PDF ☹ The Stepping Off Point ☦ Chances Are You Ve Picked Up This Book Because You Ve Reached A Stepping Off Point In Your Life A Stepping Off Point Is The Point In A Relationship Or Circumstance When It Becomes Necessary To Break Apart Or Create Firm Boundaries In Order To Preserve Ones Dignity, Respect, Liberty, And Or Sanity You Ll Negotiate A Number Of Stepping Off Points During Your Journey Whether It S Time For You To Step Off And Away From A Toxic Relationship, Job, Marriage, Friendship, Or Situation That No Longer Serves Your Greater Good, There Is A Way To Do It While Creating A Healing Exit For Yourself And Others On The PathThis Book Was Created To Honor Your Personal Legacy Or Resilience Like The Author S Other Two Books Getting Over It In Milwaukee And Stamina, The Stepping Off Point Was Written, With Your Best Interest In Mind, And Continues To Sound The Alarm, Urging You To Take The Necessary Steps To Stand Up, Take Control, And Live Your Best Life Possible