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READ KINDLE È The Closing Drama at The End ofThe Age ⚸ The Bookof Revelation Is A Fascinating Book It Claims To Be A Divine Revelation Of The Sovereign, Soon Returning Christ, Given By God To His Servants Further, One Of Several Triads That Appear In This First Chapter Of The Revelation Promises Special Blessing To The One Who Reads This Book, Those Who Hear It, And Those Who Obey Or Take It To Heart And It Adds At The End Solemn Warnings About Those Who Tamper With Its Contents, Either Adding To Or Detracting From Its Message This Surely Means That You And I Can Not Afford To Either Ignore It Or Neglect It I Believe That Christ Will Return As He Promnised, And That We Need To Be Eagerly And Watchfully Waiting For His Arrival After Careful Study, Comparing Scripture With Scripture, I Want To Take You Through This Book And Help, Hopefully, With Your Greater Understanding Of Its Wonderful Contents