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( Read Pdf ) × The Amen Heresy à Ex Priest And Dyslexic Expert Of Ancient Languages, Jack Fisher, Agrees To Assist An Israeli Friend And Expert Of Religious History And Is Drawn Into An Unsolved Mystery Of The Dead Sea Scrolls His Discovery Of The True Meaning Of The Copper Scroll Threatens To Expose The Three Religions Of Abraham As The Monotheistic Legacy Of An Ancient, Sun Worshipping Pharaoh Jack Joins Forces With Agent Ariel Hadar Of The Israeli Antiquities Authority And Sami Salaa, A Palestinian Boy Of The Streets, In An Epic Struggle For Possession Of The Scroll, And An Explosive Truth Which Will Upend Religious History And Shatter The Religious Legacy Of Jews, Christians And Muslims There S An Oddly Engraved Museum Token To Interpret, A Missing Dead Sea Scroll To Find, A Cabal Of Murderous High Clerics, An Egyptian Madman, A Nightmarish Assassin, An Important Clue From A Fourth Century Travel Log And A Long Forgotten Proclamation Of Startling Implication From The Prophet Muhammad The Race For Possession Of The Copper Scroll Leads Through The Old City Of Jerusalem, Onto The Judean Desert And To The Monastery Of St Catherine, At The Foot Of Moses Mount Sinai, Where The Heresy Of The Long Dead Egyptian Pharaoh Rises To Confront The Very Basis Of Faith For Three And A Half Billion Believers

10 thoughts on “The Amen Heresy

  1. Philip Christman Philip Christman says:

    A Dan Brown wannabe The Amen Heresy has the feel of The DaVinci Code without its limited credibility The conspiracies are even less probable than in Davinci, and the author seems obsessed with the idea that all religion except sun worship Is corrupt and the source of all hate and violence It s an interesting idea if you are in the market for oversimplifications and cheap shots I m not.

  2. Jim Pettit Jim Pettit says:

    Great topic origin of monotheism a novel Looking forward to of the same Gives the reader much to ponder and question the possible backgrounds of the three great monotheistic religions

  3. Robert Robert says:

    Not bad predictable endingWhen u read the book you can almost predict one of three possible me endings, however its a good story..I read to fill the co mute to work and I like a book that keeps me interested This one dsis and is pretty on target with its facta