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[Free Kindle] ⚕ Transport Communications ☰ Transport And Communications Are Usually Studied As Separate Subjects, Yet Advances In Communications Technology Has Meant That Neither Can Function Without The Other When Operating Within A Globalized Supply Chain This, The First Book To Integrate The Two Disciplines, Explains Their Mutual Dependency And How Their Relationship Has Led To Trade Globalization Fundamental To This Concept Is A Three Dimensional Matrix NETS Network Enabling Transport Systems , Which Can Be Applied To Land, Sea, And Air Travel At Every Level The Book Reviews How The Different Modes And Levels Of Transport Can Be Integrated And Automated And Can Ultimately Be Used As A Guide To Improving Efficiency In Logistics, Supply Chain Management, And Transport Strategy Tiffin And Kissling Also Examine Future Communication Technologies And Their Impact On Transport, As Well As Current Issues Such As Global Warming, Terrorism, Pandemics, And Carbon Based Fuels