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@Free Epub ç Maandeshi Manse ¹ Manadeshi Manase Is An Inseparable Part Of Post Independence Marathi Literature The Character Sketches In This Collection Are Not Only Tales In The Old Mould, But Also Have The Magical Quality That Touches Upon The Very Essence Of Life The Characters Are Genuinely Marathi In Nature, And They Have Been Drawn With The Ease With Which Dawn Turns Into Day Or A Bud Blossoms Into A Flower With Innocence, Vyankatesh Madgulkar Tells Us About The Poverty Stricken Lives Of The People Of Mandesh And Their Saga Of Never Ending Sorrows Their Tragedy Is Moving The Mind Is Filled With The Thought That While Men Seek Some Happiness, Their Lives Were Never Scripted To Find It This Essential Tragic Fact Is Told By Madgulkar With The Detachment Of An Artist This Renders His Characters Unforgettable Our Mind Is Disturbed Every Time We Think Of Them.

10 thoughts on “Maandeshi Manse

  1. Aniket Mahajani Aniket Mahajani says:

    A story book with 16 lifesketches, similar to PLs vyakti ani valli, however these characters are real madgulkar s special touch of language makes itauthentic Few nice word sketches are Zhelya, Bitakaka, dharma ramoshi,shida chambhar, tambolyachi khala shiva mali, mazha baap, ganya bhaptya

  2. Suyash Suyash says:

    Very fluent well written Those 16 characters Describes the unique aspects of village life people Madgulkar s writing skills leaves an impact Few sketches that I can relate liked are Zhelya, Rama Mailkuli, Shida Chambhar, Shiva Mali, Bitakaka mostly Tambolyachi Khala

  3. Heramb Heramb says:

    Our habit of categorizing people into our preconceived set of notions may not really be how they are This book is an account of Vyankatesh Madgulkar s encounter with some people devoid of such preconceived notions.

  4. Nikhil Asawadekar Nikhil Asawadekar says:

    There are 16 character descriptions and each one is well written You will definitely like this book My favorites are 6th Banyabapu and 16th Gana Bhaptya.

  5. Neelima Neelima says:

    here comes to short story book of village people.amazing book.