Read ♡ The Itty-Bitty Knitty Committee ☿

Read ♞ The Itty-Bitty Knitty Committee ⚕ The Argyle Sweater Has Sold Nearly 1 Million Greeting Cards Through American Greetings, And Than 100,000 2011 Calendars.With Than One Million Greeting Cards Sold, Scott Hilburn S The Argyle Sweater Dresses Up The Funny Page With An Argyle Wearing Assortment Of Cavemen, Bears, Moths, And Pompadour Having Humans, Along With An Occasional Evil Scientist Boasting A Readership Ranging From The Washington Post And The Los Angeles Times To The Calgary Herald, Hilburn S Colorful Cartoon Panel Fuses His Visceral Talent And Bold Pen Stroke What Results Is A Cerebrally Astute Cartoon Panel That Comments On Popular Culture, Human Nature, And Sporks In A Clever, Spontaneously Rich Way. Reminded me of Far Side but with some modern pop culture references. Disappointingly not about knitting Mostly boring jokes.