10 thoughts on “The Strange Crime in Bermuda

  1. Carla Carla says:

    A short, enjoyable mystery set in Bermudaif you can t guess the villain, you have not read many mysteries.

  2. Doug Frizzle Doug Frizzle says:

    I chose this Elizabeth Sanxay Holding novel because I am a bit familiar with Bermuda and wanted to get a feel for her description I was well pleased by the plot and the descriptions The characters and the solutions were well done.

  3. A Bear and a Bee Books A Bear and a Bee Books says:

    I love Holding s mysteries I find them engaging and well written I found myself worrying and cheering for the protagonist in this one An excellent little read

  4. Vasilia Vasilia says:

    On a cruise, a young man makes friends with an older adventurer They keep in contact after the cruise ends, and through their new jobs and even marriage, until one day, the young man receives an urgent letter from his friend He drops everything and sails to the balmy skies and blue seas of Bermuda, thinking his friend is in awful danger But everything seems fine until his friend disappears, and everyone seems to suspect him of the murder Didn t love this book as much as other Holding n On a cruise, a young man m...

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here An odd book, not well edited Holding s very good at getting inside her characters heads, but this book didn t inspire me to read .