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(Download Ebook) é Your Health in Your Horoscope ⚸ Please, Do Not Trust This Book Than Your Doctor The Ancient Tradition Of Astrology Is Another Way Of Looking At Ourselves Than The Methods Developed By Modern Natural Science It Cannot Substitute Science Any Than Science Can Incorporate Astrology The Best Use You Can Have Of This Introduction To Medical Astrology Is As An Alternative Perspective On Your Health By Examining Your Horoscope You Shed Light On The Complexity Of Living Your Life In Ways That Agree With You The Most Learn How Your Health Is Described By The Zodiac Signs, The Movements Of The Planets, Their Aspects, And The Astrological Houses This Book Contains All The Basics You Need To Get Started On That Exploration Stefan Stenudd Is A Swedish Author Who Has Written Several Bestselling Books About Astrology Since The S He Has Also Written Books About Myth, Life Energy Concepts, Ancient Greek Cosmology, And The Japanese Martial Arts His Fiction, Too, Deals With Cosmological And Existential Themes

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  1. Leah B Leah B says:

    Interesting and something to keep in mind but not necessarily instantly applicable or tangible.