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#Free E-pub Ä Too High a Price ë With Increasing Frequency, Those Charged With The Responsibility For Protecting Public And Private Institutions Have Failed Their Obligations And Are Concerned With Exploiting Than With Serving Rather Than Risk Being Ostracized, Many Find It Easier And Beneficial To Keep Quiet And Allow The Cycle To Continue Thankfully, There Are A Few People Out There Willing To Take The Risk And Make A Stand Based On Real Events, Too High A Price Tells One Such StoryYoung Lawyer, Joe Carter, Has It All A Beautiful Wife And Triplet Sons, A Dream Home In A Good Neighborhood, And He S On The Fast Track To Make Partner At One Of The Best Law Firms In Town But When He Is Retained To Defend A Railroad In The Trial Of An Injured Worker Seeking Compensation For An Extensive Injury Received On The Job, He Notices During The Trial, That Something Isn T Adding Up And Suspects The Jury Has Been CompromisedAs Carter Follows The Trail Of Suspected Jury Tampering, He Quickly Realizes That The Levels Of Corruption And Indifference Go Much Deeper Than He Had Thought, Including Not Just The Jury, But Also The Railroad Unions, Doctors, Police, Church Leaders, Members Of The Law Firm And Even The Court Itself Blowing The Whistle And Exposing The Truth Is Certainly The Right Thing To Do But Carter Is Facing Immense Pressure Not To Do So As It Has Become Obvious He Is Risking That Doing So Will Burn Bridges And Will Most Likely Mean Losing Everything He Has Worked So Hard For With The Encouragement Of His Wife, Carter Decides He Can T Turn A Blind Eye And Pursues The Truth But Will The Truth Come At Too High A Price Too High A Price Is A Dramatic Legal Thriller Sure To Keep You At The Edge Of Your Seat

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    Title Too High a PriceAuthor Joseph A KatarincicYear 2011Pages 435Note I received a complimentary copy of Too High a Price as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Review Team Visit dorrancebbokstore.com to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team Too High a Price is an extraordinary novel that is filled with many twists, turns and characters that have to make choices This novel was riveting from start to finish I have read many John Grisham books and fell in love with the genre of his novels Many might be tempted to compare him with this latest author, but to tell you the truth each is unique in their writing Courtrooms are the place where many have gone for various reasons whether to be a witness, a lawyer, a judge, a recorder, a bailiff, etc Regardless of the reason or role, lives are usually impacted in some way Mr Katarincic places his courtroom cases in the arena of personal injury Whil...

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    The prologue of Too High a Price is extremely visual five out of control ladle cars full of liquid steel derail A manmade lake of fire results and thena shrieking scream From that explosive opening we move to the courtroom of Judge Dorr III where we meet Joe Carter, a lawyer with one of Pittsburgh s larger law firms Dorr is not a fan of Carter Carter is big on body language, letting it speak his disbelief of Robert Hart s story Mr Hart was the person who let out the shrieking scream as his feet where hit by the liquid steel Unfortunately for Mr Hart there is a question as to whether his actions caused the accident or the company he worked for was at fault.As the trial takes place you learn of the back story behind the trial Joe Carter once helped break a labor strike which has made him a target of some of Hart s less than savory co workers It quickly becomes clear that something isn t quite right with the ...