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@Free Ebook ⛄ 7. immortality (countdown to the end of the world, #4) á Veronica Stillman Lives In A Not Too Distant Future Where There Is No Separation Between Government And The Corporate World It Is A Future Where The Privileged Can Extend Their Lives By Transplanting Their Thoughts And Memories Into Androids As Veronica Becomes Entangled With A Seductive Stranger, She Ends Up In A Race To Save Her Life Before She Becomes A Victim Of The Growing Political Android MovementNote This Book Is No Longer Available

15 thoughts on “7. immortality (countdown to the end of the world, #4)

  1. Midu Hadi Midu Hadi says:

    Like the shorts before, loved it The details that the author pays attention to make his work even amazing I wanted this to be longer but I think the length is part of its charm The story did put me off because of the lengthy dialogues between Eric and Veronica part one but it than made up for that as I read ahead I kept thinking Eddy d return an android and then read the author s notes at the end and he said something similar there Thank god, he didn t do that to Eddy I loved how the future humans started to think androids were gods and thus immortal It showed how myths are based on history, no matter how loosely Need from this author

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    This was a very thought provoking novel What makes us human If you were dying, and had the chance to transfer your brain waves to an android body, would you do it What would you be after the transfer still human or totally android This is the situation in this novel Veronica s partner, Hector, has transferred his brain to an android when he learns that he is dying He might have all Hector s brain waves but he is unable to interact in the ways of a human.The androids are slowly taking over The human birth rate is almost nil What will happen to humanity in the future Will they be saved out of existence Veronica makes a fateful decision when she is coerced into accepting an android body of her own.Highly recommended.This may be 4 in a series but each stands alone.