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~Download Epub ♶ How to Be Rich ☱ This Is Not Just Another Book About Personal FinanceForget The Old Concept Of Struggling In A Financial Rut And Never Getting Ahead There Is No Need To Miss Enjoying Today By Socking It All Away For An Uncertain Tomorrow The Old Boring Way Of Managing Your Finances Is Gone Forever Today S Generation Is Smarter, Faster, And Lives In A Complicated World, So It Only Makes Sense That You Need A Simple System That Will Work For You This isn t the same old information that you ve seen in other personal finance books This is a completely different approach that is both simple and fun to read If you want to take your finances and your relationship with money to the next level, read this book. This is an excellent book to start controlling your finances It involves an all too common story of a married couple with financial problems, and quite entertaining as well Then using the story gives you the basics to control your money and get out of debt It includes some really neat ideas different from classic budgeting, aimed at helping you control your spending instead of just keeping track of it, which doesn t in itself help A very good recommended read. This is the perfect book for a married couple that wants to get started on the right track with their money It is a story about financial struggles that I most will relate to and they will probably see themselves in the book The story was entertaining and had me hooked and the strategies are blended into the novel It s a excellent book and a must read. Fun read Figured out that I seem to be doing right according to the tips in this book than not Basic, but easy to follow and understand. I like the way the author used real life case studies to illustrate the concepts the book is trying to get across Not only did the examples help explain and demonstrate the financial principles, it also made the book interesting. Excellent book for those seeking easy to understand financial advice The story was good and there s something for every couple to relate to. I think this would be a really good book for a new couple starting out might even make a good wedding present but it wasn t extremely eye opening for me since we already have a decent handle on our finances I had hoped to get a little information about saving for retirement, but I picked this one because it was a Prime member free download If I were paying for a book, I d pick something suitable specifically for our stage in life and preparing for retirement This book did still provide useful information and the way it was presented was really good. this book should be required reading for everyone When it comes to finances I m next to useless we re a family of writers and artists, so we we re all pretty clueless to be honest I bought this book to help me out, and I was quite surprised at the results It doesn t throw a load of info at you and expect you to take it all in at once The book is simple and straightforward While the book is mainly aimed at couples just starting out, us poor singles can learn quite a few things from it too.