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[E-pub] ♰ Influence of Love (Influence Shorts #1) ♫ A Short Love Story About The Angels And Devils That Sit On Our Shoulders And Whisper In Our EarsKale Is Part Of The Darkness That Seeks To Corrupt Mortals And Ariel Is Part Of The Light At The End Of The Tunnel They Are At Odds Their Duty To Tip The Scales In Their Favor But Sometimes, There S To Duty Than What You Know Sometimes, There S A Greater Purpose And Sometimes It Involves Love

10 thoughts on “Influence of Love (Influence Shorts #1)

  1. John John says:

    In one word cute I love the concept of taking the angel and devil characters seen in old cartoons, putting them on someone s shoulder, and then seeing what would really happen I think it needed room to develop the romance entirely interaction between the characters, mainly but overall it was an enjoyable read My main issue was that the story ended around the 50% mark of the Kindle version, the other half being taken up by a book excerpt That annoyed me to some degree, even though I got the story for free, because it made the file and ergo the story sound much longer than it was Excerpts are fine, but making them half of the entire file story is not the best route to go.

  2. M.B. Mulhall M.B. Mulhall says:

    An enjoyable short about an unusual topic Well, not that love is unusual, but the types of characters are I d love to see this expanded into something longer someday Maybe some human will have the power to notice them and will flick Kale off their shoulder when he tries to make them get fat by eating nothing by junk food D

  3. Crystal Gray Crystal Gray says:

    Not sure what I just readI honestly don t know why I read this Only good thing about it is that it was short Don t bother.

  4. Mitsy Mitsy says:

    Love it Influence Of Love is so sweet and different Two Influencers, one angel and one demon, develop feelings for each other How unusual I would definitely read .

  5. Jessica Cheramie Jessica Cheramie says:

    Really would give this a 3.5 rating.Such a great idea I ve never read anything like it before Being a short story, I felt like I was able to get to know Kale and Ariel How creative to write a story about the devil and the angel that sit on our shoulders Then, to top it off, forbidden love between them Gotta love forbidden love.Short stories are tricky to write I think a short story about love is even trickier While the characters were well written, the plot was a little confusing Suspense was created beautifully, but at the end I felt a little shorted and not sure exactly what happened Overall though, the creativity and story itself was truly unique.Like someone else has commented, I would love to see this extended one day It has so much promise for a novel o

  6. Christine Rains Christine Rains says:

    Ariel sits on James left shoulder with a grand seriousness about her job as an angelic influencer Kale sits on the right shoulder with a glint of mischief in his grin They re opposites in every way, but there s something that draws them together.What an amazingly fun and cute short story I love the idea of what the little angels and devils on our shoulders who whisper into our ears are thinking, and how they relate to one another I d really like to see in this series Hint, hint

  7. Jen (at last!) Jen (at last!) says:

    While a cute premise, I found the writing VERY choppy I had to go back and read parts over again because the author would switch things without letting the reader know why I found myself asking, wait, when did that happen and then I would realize that the author just skipped it Weird Like I said, cute premise, but still needs lots of work.

  8. Filipa Filipa says:

    Interesting concept and truly original but it needed much development The romance was cute although yes, you guessed it very short.

  9. Aimee Aimee says:

    short story, interesting premise, kinda sweet it wasn t long enough for me to feel invested in either character perhaps i should stick to longer stories.