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And againI can e book two a chance like book one, But the style just didn t agree The story was decent, not my favorite. The new face of Zombie lit is William Bebb Fun,gory,scary Some original ideas Characters you care about.Zombie in a chicken suitcome on A must read for horror fans and people who like a goodread Captivating Just as with Trailer Park, the first book in the series, this one has been a pleasure to read Bebb has a way with crafting his characters where they become a part of you and become invested in their survival or demise, Every bit as good as his first one, Zombie Trailer Park Maintains humor, adds a few new characters, and has a really interesting ending Well developed characters, well defined motivations, and plenty of action And blood and gore. [ Free E-pub ] ♽ Zombies of All Hallows Evil ☫ For Children Of All Ages Halloween Is The Only Holiday That Even Comes Close To Christmas As Being Eagerly Looked Forward To, And Truly Loved It S A Wonderful, Magical, And Even Scary Time Of The Year People Wear Costumes, Go To Parties, Watch Horror Movies In The Dark And Of Course There S Also The Promise Of FREE CANDY.On The Afternoon Of October 31st, Across The Quiet Suburbs And Throughout The Busy City Of Albuquerque New Mexico, Children Are Happily Putting On Their Costumes And Carefully Planning Out The Routes To Make The Most Of All Hallows Eve Knowing It S The One Night Of The Year When The Rules Of Begging And Not Taking Candy From Strangers Are At Least Temporarily Suspended.In A World Where Perverts Seem To Be Hiding On Every Street And In Every Neighborhood, Parents Are Always Cautious When It Comes To The Safety Of Their Beloved Children But By The Time Night Falls And Twilight Dies They Will Learn There Are Much Worse Things To Worry About Much, Much Worse.Zombies Of All Hallows Evil Goes Where Few Have Dared Imagine It S An Epic Tale Of Horror, Over 160,000 Words In Length, That Explores What Happens When People Appearing As Zombies Do Not Come Seeking Sugary Treats But In Search Of Blood, Death, And Violent Unreasoning Madness Happy Halloween Eh I didnt like it as much as the first one, although it wasn t as slow of a start. Great story tellerI really like William Bebbs writing he does make you care about his characters and his books aren t overly predictable like some zombie stories are More zombies I quite enjoyed this book, a lot of action some drama some comedy all fit to gather to make a very good readoh and zombies too can t leave them out Loved it looking forward to the third one.