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[[ READ KINDLE ]] ☚ The Anime Club ⇩ The Anime Club Kids Are Notorious For Being Not Well Liked Around The Library Or The School, But They Show Their Foes That They Are Actually Right And No One Really Likes Them That S Okay Cus They Got Each Other OR DO THEY Sorta It Goes Back And Forth Depending On What Mort Just Said Collecting Parts 1 5 Of The Entire Saga And Plenty Of Extra Material To Pop Your Buttons GET A BIB.

10 thoughts on “The Anime Club

  1. Thomas Maluck Thomas Maluck says:

    I have to give this a 5 star review I attended my college s anime club a few times and became a librarian in charge of an anime club, so a lot of this struck close to home And I nearly had an asthma attack laughing at the constant distorted facial expressions and ...

  2. Cale Cale says:

    Obnoxious high School students poorly drawn and using lots of profanity to be edgy Or maybe just stupid Yes, let s go with stupid This didn t work for me at all The characters are obnoxious although at least a couple are distinctive , and the entire story is them being stupid and jerks and suffering for it Am I supposed to sympathize with them or laugh at them Ultimately, all I do is put it down and walk away I read it all the non canon stories at the end are a small step up from the main story , and ultimately it wa...

  3. LA Sjögren LA Sjögren says:

    This literally took me all of an hour to read If you have an hour in your life to space and enjoy comics and graphic novels, definitely use it for this which is also available online for free if I m not mistaken KC Green is hilarious and witty...

  4. Tom Tom says:

    Absolutely fantastic I just did not stop laughing Definitely recommended, especially if you enjoy the weird humor Green indulges in.

  5. Jacky Jacky says:

    Quality Grade A anime reading material for the inner otaku in you.

  6. Gwendolyn Neal Gwendolyn Neal says:

    I expected this comic to be really absurd and over the top because of the caps I d seen on the internet, but I found it an unexpectedly interesting depiction of teenage conflicts Mort, like I m sure quite a few introverted kids did including myself , feels clearly above their peers, but his egomania makes things tense even among those who share his interests And maybe they ...

  7. Brave Brave says:

    I have not laughed aloud at something this much in such a long time KC Green has done it again

  8. andrew y andrew y says:

    haha but ehh but haha but ehh.hit me on the lowest common denominator at the right moment now reading nabokov to make up for it.